Finding Options For State Based Solutions:

Reforming traditional Medicaid through this kind of market-based, consumer-driven approach is essential to creating better health outcomes and curbing the dramatic growth in Medicaid spending - Governor Mike Pence (R- Indiana) We’re talking about people’s lives…I refuse to stand by and let this many people needlessly suffer, especially when we have a solution. – Governor Jan Brewer (R-Arizona)
The smartest investments we make are the ones we make in people. We’re committed to helping those who need it most… [our] plan doesn’t just look at how we spend our money, but at how we can  better invest in a strategic way. - Governor Tom Corbett (R – Pennsylvania) It was the right thing to do. - Governor Susana Martinez (R – New Mexico)
Most importantly, [our] plan will empower [enrollees] to take control of their own health and improve the health of our state. - Governor Terry Branstad (R – Iowa)

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