Health Coverage Studies

Kentucky expansion exceeds expectations. Read more.

One in four Alabamians in 2013 struggled to pay for health care.  Read more.

White House Council of Economic Advisors releases report on the health, economic benefits of Medicaid Expansion. Read more

Study shows the impact of not expanding Medicaid on individuals with mental illness.  Read more.

The Journal of Health Affairs published a study by Harvard and CUNY researchers that not only predicts the financial impact on states due to a lack of expansion, but predicts the number of deaths that could occur if health coverage is not available.  In Alabama, the predicted deaths range from a low of 215 to a high of 562.  Read more.

The Kaiser Foundation's state-specific impact analysis on individuals and coverage. Read more.  Also, read the issue brief from the Kaiser Foundation that further assesses the coverage gap from the perspective of race and ethnicity.

How many Uninsured Adults would not be Eligible for Medicaid in States that Opt out of Expansion, a report from the Urban Institute.

Kansas study looks at alternative approaches to expanding coverage.  Read the report.