Editorial - Our government is responsible to care and protect its people

www.al.com, Jan. 11, 2014

The first and foremost responsibility of our federal and government is the care and protection of its people.

How can our Governor refuse billions of Medicaid money, almost free, that would benefit our people? By Christian standards, his refusal to accept this money is immoral and sinful. He is a perfect example of how conservative Republicanism fails to take care of Alabama people, especially the needy and elderly, Democrats are not guiltless.

Laws that protect and benefit the average man cannot get passed  because they might make us all Socialists. ll of the laws passed in our 2013 Legislature benefited the rich and business interests. Examples of this will be mentioned later.

Congress and many of our state legislatures can always be counted on to provide money to foreign countries and to provide for fighting senseless wars all over the world. Alabama gives huge tax breaks to get businesses to locate in the state. The state is never willing to provide for the average man. This is immoral.

Why do our citizens elect politicians who never fairly represent them? Some of the harmful laws passed by our government are right to work laws, refusal of Medicaid funds, funneling tax dollars to the rich school districts and refusing to pass gun control laws. How many precious, innocent children will be murdered before we stop it?

Will we never ass a simple single payer health care law to protect all of our citizens, regardless of status? We can afford it. Stand up to health insurance companies and pass a good law in spite of them. Health insurance in the United States is a disgrace, and that includes Medicare. Americans are letting themselves be robbed by existing health insurance companies. Why?

My wife and I are 84 and 81. Our income is about $2,000 monthly and our net worth is about $100,000 counting everything we own. We are not rich. If we appeal to Medicaid, the state government would require us to divest of most of this to qualify for it.

In conclusion, my opinion is to adopt single payer health insurance for all people without regard to financial status. Both rich and poor are human beings. This probably makes me a Socialist, just as Christ was when he walked the earth.

Jack Grimes
Dora, AL

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